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Hi there guys!

I am glad to inform you all the information about my illustrations commissions. I really hope you appreciate my artwork and we will be able to work together very soon, I will give my best!!!. Without further ado, Lest go! n_~

Basic Info

- All illustrations will be: 2500 px in high quality definition (2k resolution) Din A5 to (300 ppp)

- If you wish a bigger size illustration, keep in mind that the price is higher 

Din A4  (2480 x 3508)  300pp ( 3k resoltion) - 15$ more

Din A3  (3508 x 4960)  300pp ( 4k resoltion) - 30$ more

Basic Line art Illustration 

"Draw Examples"













Line art


Flat colors


Flat colors with basics light & shadows

(contain filterts & endering)


Semi - Realism  Illustration 

"Draw Examples"

Portrait wips




Full color or Black & White illustration
Portrait: 80$
Bust: 90$
Half body: 100$
 Full body: 115$


- Simple background: 0$ 
- Complex background: from 20$ through 80$

Extra figure
- Additional character: 60$ (full body character: 75$)
- Pet, animal, mount, etc...: from 35$ through 125$

- Supplements can be considered if the character is specially complex: from 25$ through 180$
- Design of a particularly laborious theme (fantasy/steampunk/futurist/etc...): from 25$ through 180$
- Accessories, weapons, armors…: from 15 through 110$ 

Nsfw variations
- You can ask for an artistic nude (without any extra). The prices are the same that you can see in “full color or black&white illustration” section (see above)
- You can obtain a nsfw version of you normal illustration "sfw", which can be shown with lingerie or nudie: from 20 through 60$















Do you want any extra Files? 
- Sketch, steps, psd (personal use only): 10$
- Illustration video progress (production, editing & music): 20$
- Poster: 15$ (the cost of delivery is not included)



Important information

Paypal taxes

All orders will be made via PayPal, with a plus of 6% of the commission value.

The buyer takes care of the paypal fees.

Against fraud

The projects will be carried out at the moment the buyer and the artist reach the order / price agreement and the buyer sends the artist 50% or 100% payment of the project price.


1º- The projects will be carried out at the moment the buyer and the artist reach the order / price agreement and the buyer sends the artist 50% or 100% payment of the project price.

2º- If the orders pays 50% to start the work and not the rest at the end, he will be given a period of one month to make the entry, if the contractor does not pay and/or he does not communicate with me in this month, the property of the illustration will remain to the artist. Thereby, the artist will be able to make use of the illustration, and she will be able to exploit it for her own benefits.

3º Do not expect payment refund. After the first payment will be done, I will show you a basic sketch of the illustration. I will start to work only for this illustration. I will spend all my time in order to obtain a wonderful illustration. Therefore, from this moment on payment will not be returned as compensation for damages and prejudices to the artist.


These prices are accessible to people who want to enjoy and have a piece of my art, use only for personal,

non-commercial use.


1º If you want an illustration of commercial use, please tell me to make a contract and commercial agreement

In my opinion, the images for commercial use have other prices and agreements through dialogue and contract

all illustration sold without a commercial contract may be used for personal use only. Any use commercial of the illustration without the authorization of the artist may be subject to complaint.

Please respect my art, to which I dedicate a lot of love and affection to create it .

Commission Sketch
Lineart commission
Lineart + Flat colors commission
thunder & fire

Thank you so much for supporting my art

Ahri example commission

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